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Sony Music West Africa presents: Shun Breezy – “STAMMER”


Today [Friday 18 March] puts an end to Shun Breezy’s period of hiatus as he powers through with a rousing new single “Stammer” out now via Sony Music Entertainment West Africa.

Shun Breezy is known to many as a music specialist who relishes making Afro fusion records given his knack at creating dynamic vibes and of course his impeccable lyrical ability. His unique gift has put him not only in good graces but also in the room of writing camps and studio recording sessions of music superstars like Davido and Teni the entertainer.

Shun Breezy’s music is pretty much inspired by everything around him, which makes his persona in music a multi-faceted one. His sound is largely influenced by the rich cultural heritage of the Yorubas and as much as he can be savvy when writing songs to mellow rhythms for deeply spiritual songs, he shines in the same measure and with great potential when flexing on bouncy beats laced with a dose of musical vibe for party-rocking anthems.

This new single “Stammer” is a representation of all these elements; a dance-inspired track that is garnished well with a miscellany of bass riffs, thumping drums and some very sweet treble strings. It is also his first single in 2022 with the prospect for more in the offing, so dust your feet and get ready to boogey down at Shun Breezy’s command.

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