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Meet Afrobeat rising star Galaybanton Who Is Self Taught In Making Music


Oladeji Stephen Olaitan, aka Galaybanton, opened up on his social media profile on how he was self-taught when it comes to making music and how his creative process works.
The Oduduwa Music Group frontier also states that he is focused and taking things a day at a time and being the best version of himself in order to create musical masterpieces that would make an impact on people for generations to come and also inspire the younger ones to live right.

“Yes, when it comes to music, I am self-taught and this is a gift from nature to use and heal the world and also express my art in general,” he said.

According to him, it is the stories that he passes through the songs that make him passionate about music and inspires his lyrics, which connect with his audience on a soulful level.

Galaybanton said for him, music is in-born, adding that he was inspired to start making music by God,
“It is a talent from within; nothing made me want to become a musician; it has been in me from my past life and finding myself makes me know that I am a born artiste and music is the only way to express the artistic in me.”

Galaybanton is yet to release any music this year 2021, but he is taking his time, making sure that he puts out a good body of work for his audience, and not just always put out music just to stay relevant.

When asked his overarching philosophy of communication through music; he said “Yes I do a lot of that, thing is that God speaks every day to us and communicate in riddles it is up to us to hear this message and use it positively”

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The Wicked crooner hinted that he is taking each day once at a time, having so many responsibilities and a lot to do at this time knowing that with this steady process he can heal the new world.

“In the next 10 years all I want to see is my people waking up differently and shunning mental slavery and also unlearning to relearn their purpose as kings and queens in this great time we find ourselves,” he said.

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