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Bright Chimezie – African Style + Ube Nwanne


Bright Chimezie is a Nigerian afro-highlife musician.

His music style became known as Zigima Sound. It is a genre which became popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria in the early 1980s.

Zigima Sound is a mix of traditional Nigerian music and igbo highlife fused with chanted vocals. Bright Chimezie used it to revolutionize the musical structure in Nigeria with lyrics that focused on social issues.

Listen, Download & Enjoy “African Style” Below!!!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Bright Chimezie – African Style


if u see meee eatin with my hand make u no laugh me coz im keepin to my culture ooo 

if u see me eatin ugba and ukporoko dont be surprise coz dat’s my salad ooo 

if u see pouring hot drink for ground make u no laff me coz am talking to my ancestors 

if u see me breaking kola nut in Africa dont be surprise dat’s our way oo brother 

na nna na na na na nna na na ma mma ma ma ma ma African style. African style

in the year 1974, I travel to oyinbo man country. Ala beke o, Ala beke. Obodo ndi ocha.

wen i dey travel i carry some eba with me, i carry some ogbolor soup oo to oyibo man coutry ala beke oo obodo ndi ocha 

wen i reach my broda i no like dia food oo i no like de test oo in ala beke oo obodo ndi ocha 

so i carry my eba i carry my ogbolor soup oo i begin to chop am oo, i begin to chop am oo broda 

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de oyibo people oo, de oyibo people wey dey for dia dey begin clap for me dey say me i dey do magic for dem 

i tell dem say nobe magic i dey do na chop i dey chop African wakis eeeh 

dem say if na so you are commiting Suicide, commiting Suicide we will call police 

how can u prove dis big thing u dey swallow u say na chop be dis eeh 

police eee, police eee, police he is commiting suicide ee de black man wey dey here he is commiting suicide oooo. 

oya confee clap for ur self

Listen, Download & Enjoy “Ube Nwanne” Below!!!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Bright Chimezie – Ube Nwanne

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